CXFS Day 1: Highlights and Talking Points.

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21 February, 2017 |

As day 1 of CXFS has drawn to a close, we rounded up the big talking points from a jam-packed day of world class CX here at Syon Park, London.

Below we have listed some of the highlights and conversations happening on Twitter.

A winning formula powered by people at LVE

Steve Knight , COO of LVE warmed the delegates this morning with a clear yet refreshing summary of the effective customer experience formula that his team have implemented at LVE.

Efficient consistent processes
Skilfully doing what we say we will
Passion for taking care of customer all
Empowered energised people
Best Loved service.

Again highlighting the huge role your CX delivery team play in your Customer Experience success.

World Class Mentoring and Advice

CX mentoring that looked an awful lot like speed dating… However, no smooching on offer here as delegates were treated to World-Class advice from NEX-J, Nano Rep and a host of other heavy weights in intimate, high value 30 minute sessions.

Collaboration, not Replacement

No, LVE are not a client of ours, however, Steve Knight gets another plug here. In the exciting yet uncertain time of AI and Bots, it is refreshing to know that industry leaders are still looking to the future as a collaborative one with bots and AI assisting the workforce and not replacing it.


 Competitors aren’t the only competition

According to Lithium Tech, the traditional lines of competition are blurring as Financial services organisations now compete outside of industry with some big unforgiving names in the B2C world. Consumers attention span and patience is ever dwindling in the world of mobile and it is a race to stay relevant for many CX laggards.

We can still have our cake and eat it

LivePerson reported that utilising messaging and chat can reduce costs while increasing Customer Satisfaction and had strong numbers to reinforce this point.

 Speaking of Cake

That’s it for today. Some truly inspiring and thought provoking chat, discussion and presentations all over CXFS.

What were your highlights?? Leave us a note below or tweet @resonationCX with your thoughts.
Have a nice evening.

Stephen Ruschitzko

Stephen Ruschitzko is MD of Resonation and brings 25 years of customer service operational experience working in Telecoms and Media to his new role. He understands acutely the pressure placed on C-level executives to create customer experience (CX) programmes and initiatives that deliver tangible, bottom-line results within large organisations.