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17 February, 2017 |

A Word from our Founder.

Welcome to the CX Examiner. I am thrilled to be writing this as my new website goes LIVE!! The last few months have been very exciting and today we officially launch our new blog and website. I want to familiarise you with my story to date and perhaps inspire you with some of the plans we have for Resonation in the future.

Resonation was born in the Autumn of last year with the goal of becoming a leader in Customer Experience Strategy.

After 25 years serving in the Telecoms industry, I decided to step back from corporate life to spend time with my family and to travel. During this 12 month period, I reflected on the lessons learned from a successful career overseeing a 10x growth in customers (100k to 1million) in an organisation that would go onto to become an industry leader within customer experience.

During my career, the entrepreneurial path had always intrigued me having read the stories of Michael O’Leary and Sir Richard Branson. The particular aspects that make these 2 stories intriguing are the investment in great employee culture [Virgin] and the CX follower to leader journey lead by O’Leary.

During my time off, I also took the time to understand the current state of Customer Experience and the frustrating problems that still exist between Brand promise and customer touch points.

What I observed fascinated me and formed the catalyst for Resonation:

1) The misuse of technology

Chat-bots and Instant Messaging have helped to streamline the communication process for many organisations and Social Media has given consumers unprecedented access to brands.

However, many organisations have  either a) over relied on or b) poorly integrated technology into their product or service delivery leading to customers feeling alienated or worse still dissatisfied with the service they received.

2) Over-promising

Many companies have been compelled to become more customer centric and have certainly made a strong proposition to vying customers. However, many promises have ultimately failed on delivery leaving customers feeling disenchanted and disconnected with your Brand promise. Research from Gallup and Business Insider has found that less than half of all companies are actually delivering on their established Brand Promise.

3) Poor Feedback mechanisms

Most companies understand the need to have a feedback mechanism in some shape or form. Feedback forms, Surveys and comment boxes on website and mobile apps have become common tools in the CX toolkit but are we truly understanding our Customer needs from these feedback mechanisms? The other challenge I have witnessed is how we deliver feedback to CX Team Members. In the Harvard Business Review, Rob Markley outlines the reasons why Customer Feedback is failing:

  • Delaying feedback delivery – Feedback needs to be given to CX Team members regularly, every day if possible.
  • Translating the Customer voice – Your team needs to hear the customer’s voice and not an aggregated spreadsheet
  • Anonymity – Put a face and name on the customer and update your Buyer Personas.

Source: referralsaasquatch.com


Taking the leap

Having assessed contemporary CX and identifying the key problems, I decided to take the first step and register a company.

I gave it a placeholder name temporarily but I knew I would need a Brand to represent my company’s vision and value proposition.

I decided to enlist Tony Frawley and the ever capable 2020 Marketing to develop my idea into a fully fledged Brand.

Tony and the team dug deep to uncover my Brand’s Promise and USP. This process enabled me to better understand what me and my company was offering.  The story of my Brand Development is a Blogpost for another day perhaps.

To cut a long story short, What we developed was Resonation, Customer Experience Strategists that help growth Stage Companies to Realise Your Brand Promise.

We are here to help

We are looking to work with select clients who are ambitious in their growth expectations, who have an established brand promise but feel that they are not delivering on Customer Expectations.

We are going to be releasing tonnes and tonnes of great content over the coming weeks and months with loads of tips, tricks and advice on maximising your Customer Experience, In the meantime, check out our site for more information on what we offer (Link to services)

Looking forward to connecting on Twitter and Linkedin and if you want to meet to chat about anything Customer Experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Stephen Ruschitzko
Stephen Ruschitzko

Stephen Ruschitzko is MD of Resonation and brings 25 years of customer service operational experience working in Telecoms and Media to his new role. He understands acutely the pressure placed on C-level executives to create customer experience (CX) programmes and initiatives that deliver tangible, bottom-line results within large organisations.